The 100 Greatest Professional Wrestlers of All-Time

1Hulk Hogan
2Ric Flair
3“Stone Cold” Steve Austin
4The Undertaker
5The Rock
6John Cena
7Shawn Michaels
8“Macho Man” Randy Savage
9Bret Hart
10Andre The Giant
11Lou Thesz
12Buddy Rogers
13Bruno Sammartino
14Triple H
15Harley Race
16Dusty Rhodes
18Mick Foley
19Gorgeous George
20Chris Jericho
21Kurt Angle
22Randy Orton
23“The Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase
24Roddy Piper
25Terry Funk
26Brock Lesnar
27Daniel Bryan
29Scott Hall
30Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat
31Seth Rollins
32Roman Reigns
33Nick Bockwinkel
34Jake “The Snake” Roberts
36Jerry “The King” Lawler
37AJ Styles
38John Moxley
39Bob Backlund
40The Big Show
41“Superstar” Billy Graham
42Mr. Pefect
43CM Punk
44Chris Benoit
45Big Van Vader
46Dory Funk Jr.
47Jack Brisco
48Bruiser Brody
49Pedro Morales
50Kevin Nash
51Rick Rude
52The Ultimate Warrior
53Vern Gagne
54The Miz
55Stan Hansen
56Jimmy Snuka
57Dick the Bruiser
58Ray Stevens
59Booker T.
60Rey Mysterio
62The Sheik
63Jeff Hardy
64Eddie Guerrero
65Kenny Omega
66Drew McIntyre
68Lex Luger
69Bam Bam Bigelow
70Ed “Strangler” Lewis
71Abdullah the Butcher
72Cody Rhodes
73Kerry Von Erich
74Bray Wyatt
76Scott Steiner
77The British Bulldog
78Sgt. Slaughter
80Rick Martel
81Rick Steiner
82Arn Anderson
84Ron Simmons
85Killer Kowalski
86Road Warrior Hawk
87Dynamite Kid
88Terry Gordy
90The Crusher
91Wahoo McDaniel
92Owen Hart
93Gene Kiniski
94Michael Hayes
95Kevin Von Erich
96Junkyard Dog
97Tully Blanchard
98Paul Orndorf
99Brian Pillman
100Samoa Joe

2 thoughts on “The 100 Greatest Professional Wrestlers of All-Time

  1. Goldust Brian Pullman Tully Blanchard The Crusher Rick Martell Cody Rhodes Chris Benoit and several others not in top 100

  2. I appreciate the comment.

    It’s hard to make that argument for each of the wrestlers you mentioned, let alone all of them. There’s no question that it becomes akin to splitting hairs the further down the list you go. It’s not a coincidence that six of the seven you named are outside of the top 70.

    I would love to hear who belongs in the place of the seven you mentioned. Keep in mind…

    Benoit is a top-100 wrestler of all-time by any standard that doesn’t include personal transgressions.

    Cody is the brains and the face behind the WWE’s first legitimate competition since WCW died. He was a decent wrestler in the WWE (the “Dashing Cody Rhodes” gimmick is underrated) but his WWE work is not what gets him on the list. He did the unthinkable and created WWE’s first legitimate competition in nearly two decades. His impact on the industry is significant and it’s likely only to go up from here.

    Goldust’s character is one of the most controversial and longstanding in the history of professional wrestling. If you were around in ’95 when it debuted, you know how cutting edge it was. All told, Dustin has wrestled for 33 years and won 18 belts between WWE and WCW. It would be very difficult to argue that someone else should be on this list ahead of him.

    I’d be happy to go on about Martel, Tully, Pillman, and The Crusher but I’ll leave it at that for now.

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